Failed switch - Partial network outage

UPDATE 12/1/16 3:30pm: The switch has been replace and full network functionality has been restored. Thank you for your patience during the outage
At approximately 3:50pm on Tuesday, November 29th a network switch, providing phone and Internet service to buildings A-E, failed and is no longer functioning. I took immediate steps to determine the cause of the problem and was able to temporarily reconnect network phone and Internet access to all of building A but unfortunately buildings B-E are still down at this time. Due to the costly nature of this network equipment it wasn't possible to have a backup unit on hand. A replacement switch has been ordered and is expected to arrive and be immediately installed on Thursday, December 1st reestablishing full phone and Internet services.
Buildings B-E Teachers: Please plan to submit your attendance and lunch counts manually as access to Synergy will most likely not be available from your classroom computers during this outage. I say this with uncertainty because some may be in a physical location where they can connect to a nearby wireless access point in another building that still has network connectivity. The classroom phones, however, are hard-wired and will be down for buildings B-E. Please note that this outage will also prevent the bell system from ringing those affected classrooms. If you rely on the bells for notification of transition and dismissal times, please be aware that they will not ring while the phones in buildings B-E are down.
I am very sorry for this outage and I thank you for your patience and understanding.
Telesis IT Department